as well as an API Key for the Services above. For Maps to work, you theoretically do not need the API Key, but then the Map will fail after too may loads (calls) That's why the API key is required so to grant multiple accesses to the Google API via our Maps Plugin. 2 days ago I migrated local site to live. 2020. Maps JavaScript API At this point, I would first recommend removing the Google Maps API from our API tab (it sounds counterintuitive, but it … However, I always get the error “Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys” in the Browser Console and no map is showing up. Best regards Chris, If you are looking for a replacement for Google Maps that simply works, take a look here: , @duisterdenhaag Thank you Patrick, will try it . Can you also make sure that the following API is enabled also? @timrv You can read more about this Google guideline here. Hiya, I'm using this for a React / Typescript project. Geocoding API The problem seems to be the address data entered. I have activated the following APIs: The language switching in your top bar does not work either. We are often told to put the